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I grew up around clothes. My mother, and her parents before her, owned women’s clothing boutiques, and that ignited my love affair with clothes. I’ve always loved shopping, and still, I ended up with a closet full of clothes - and “nothing to wear”! Turns out, like most women, I kept buying the wrong pieces, pieces not made for my body shape, and pieces that didn’t go with anything else in my closet. Trying on outfit after outfit every morning, becoming more and more frustrated, and taking on the day less than confident and empowered. 


On top of that, research has shown that only 4% of all women believe they are beautiful. That means 96% are not feeling comfortable in their own skin. It’s very hard to like others when you don’t like yourself, and it’s very hard to show up to your full potential, when you’re not feeling confident. I want to change that! Life is too short to not live it to your full potential!! I believe that style and confidence in the way you look and feel, should NOT be luxury. I want to show that confidence in your style can be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget, age, and size, as long as you are open top learn. It’s not rocket science, it’s just something most of us were never taught in school, or at home. A sense of style is not something that can be bought - but it can definitely be taught!


As an Image Consultant, my job and approach is quite different than a traditional Stylist. I’m not going to tell you what to wear dependent on my opinions, trends, or fashion, but based on who you are, your Personal Brand - what you want to communicate to the world, and your best physical attributes. Don’t we all want a closet full of clothes we look great in - instead of a closet full of clutter we never use?! Since we all are 3 dimensional canvases, this also includes hair, makeup, shoes, accessories, and even your home, because they all are saying something about you. 


My background in both strategic branding, fashion, interior design, cosmetics, and fitness gives me a unique position and skill set to help women learn how to look and feel their best in a complete and integrated way, from who they are, to how they live. 

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Every woman should leave her house with the confidence to take on the world. No, it’s not all about how you look, but your personal brand is one more tool you can put in your toolbox, that will empower you to succeed.


Always wanted to have a closet full of clothes so you look and feel great about how you look every day for every occasion? How much time would it save you each morning if you knew that everything in your closet fits you like a glove? 


I work with my clients virtually and in-person, both individually and in group settings, according to everyone's need and preference. My digital course is a great way to start the process. Gives you a chance to learn on your own time, out of the convenience of your home.

Bring Your Style Bootcamp - In this Digital Course you will learn to identify and express your personal style, from the way you Look, to the way you Live.


Integrated Zoom Branding Session - If you are an avid Video Conferencing user and feel you need to bump up your on-screen presence and branding, this is just what you need.


Master Your Style Academy -


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