Personalized Services

I often hear “I just want you to come to my closet and tell me what I should keep and what I should throw out!”. Neither you, nor me can do that without fist identifying your personal specifics, like personal brand, body shape, color family, proportions, and style category. Once that has been established, we will know exactly what items to keep, donate, or alter, and what items you are missing in your closet.


I offer the following personalized packages:


Personal Branding & Style Package

4 hrs, one-on-one sessions. Can be done during one day, or split up over several sessions. We will identify and define:

- Your Personal Brand

- Your Body Shape

- Style rules for that shape

- Your personal Proportions

- Your Style Category

- Your best family of colors

- Outfit Critiques


4 hr Closet Audit

Close your eyes and picture this: your closet is well organized, airy, you know every single item in there, and everything fits you like a glove! How much time and heartache would that save you everyday?

During the closet audit, we go through your entire closet, or the parts of it you need help with. We decide and divide your clothes into “Keep”, “Alter”, & “Donate” piles. Of your “Keep” items, we’ll create outfits and take pictures to make your own “Look Book”.


In order to qualify for a Closet Audit, you need to have gone through one of my Workshops, or have worked with me one-on-one. To audit your closet accurately, we need to have established your personal brand, body shape, color palette, proportion, and style category. It’s about optimizing YOU - not wether or not something is in fashion or looks cute on a hanger.