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In this masterclass, we dive deeper into your personal brand, define your style, and look into all the different aspects of your brand, like accessories, makeup, hair, and your interiors. You will learn the science, art and psychology behind creating a style that is uniquely you, attracts the right people to you, and allows you to show up confidently in all aspects of your life.

The Academy runs for 5 weeks with weekly digital Modules released, and a weekly Live virtual training session and Q&A with Kristina.


  • Defining your Personal Brand

  • Personal Mission Statement

  • The 7 Elements of art - how they apply to you

  • Defining your Personal Style 

  • Measuring your Proportions

  • Wardrobe Critiques

  • How to Accessorize 

  • Shoes

  • Makeup

  • Interior Decor


Next Master Your Style Academy:

February 2022!


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