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Your skin is going with you everywhere. You can nip, tuck, and fill, but the texture and overall health and glow of your skin can only be improved through daily maintenance. Makeup is not a must, but if you want a professional, polished look, a little bit of makeup is required for us women. Now, a little goes a long way, and the better the state of your skin, the less makeup you will need. 

I think of makeup as a privilege. How great isn’t it that us women get a chance to enhance ourselves?! But just like style overall, makeup application is not something most of us were ever taught in school, or by our mothers. We kind of found our daily routine by “trial and error”. 


I love to teach skincare maintenance and makeup techniques. This is not rocket science, I promise! Skincare and makeup consultation is a part of my 1 Day Intensive Workshop, but you can book a Complimentary Consultation with me outside of the workshop. We will discuss your skin type, any issues you would like to address and change, your daily makeup routine, color match your foundation, and go through any makeup techniques you would like to learn. 


The brand I prefer and represent is Mary Kay Cosmetics. Mary Kay has a large skincare and makeup lineup, available for all skin types and skin shades, and a very affordable price point, so whatever your concerns are, it can be addressed. That said, the consultation is complimentary, and no purchases necessary, and you are welcome to bring your existing skincare and makeup to work with.



For more information on the Mary Kay products, visit my Mary Kay website:

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